Be Open to Acceptance , Love & Compassion for Yourself…

_Gateway to OceanWhen I get the chance to walk along the beach nexxt to the ocean, the experience always inspires me… an open area so vast I can’t comprehend its enormity… even with the fastest boat it would take forever, way more than my lifetime here on Earth, to see all its coastlines… then there are the waves, coming in crashing constantly to shore… even when I am not there… every day, even the next is a different look, the sky, the water, the same, me…. our time alive here on Earth is extremely limited… I ask God to free me on myself… to be open-minded, outside the pull of my ego, without contempt, without expectations until I live the moment… I ask God to direct my thinking… to think about myself and others with compassion, love and acceptance… I ask God to inspire my decisions in life…. and finally I ask God to show me the next steps, to lead me through today first, then through all the tomorrows I have… grateful for the gift of Ultimate Love… peace, joy and freedom to all who read this today…

Have a TROML Day today!

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