Okay That’s the Symptom, What’s the Real Problem???

1My being overweight is just a symptom of my real problem.

My being a compulsive overeater and a sugar addict is just a symptom of a symptom of my real problem.

My character defects and shortcomings are my real problem.

Yes, a childhood immersed in alcoholism didn’t help but I am now an adult and can choose not to make childlike decisions on how to be me in real life.

2Real life, real problems, real solutions…

No denial, no justification, no rationalization…

Let’s utilize TROML, a dynamic self-realization process, to realize who we really are and what our mission is in our real life.

We will drill down as far as we need to go to get to the truth.

Once we find the truth we will accept it for what it is—past history.

3In so doing we will find our True Self and release the Eternal Child Within.

Our lives will be inspired, focused and meaningful.

We will live in peace, joy and freedom.

Ultimately we will love ourselves, everybody else and our reclaimed life.


Have a TROML Day today!

Your Personal Revivalist,

Anonymous Andy

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