Happy Father’s Day!

_0 640 Andy w Dad Grandparents DayHappy Father’s Day! Hard to believe my Dad has been gone for over 23 years now… I vividly recall our last time playing golf together and him draining a 25-foot putt for birdie on the last hole… caddied for him in high school when he won the club championship… truly a hero and an inspiration to me for all he overcame in life while being a loving father, husband, veteran, city policeman & fireman and a guy you would have like to be paired up with on the first tee of any golf course! He’s playing the Big Course up in Heaven today for sure today! I miss & love you Dad!

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_7 640 Dad reading newspaperTo this day, my Dad is a hero and an inspiration to me. He stopped drinking and never had another drink for the last 25 years of his life. I accept alcoholism as a disease, it was not something he wanted to have. My father’s disease takes nothing away from his service to country, community and family. He was a great father to me. His darkest days were during my formative years. Looking back, I was confused a lot when I was growing up. Denial buried a lot of my emotions and memories for a long time. After learning and applying the Twelve Steps my life experience and my own feelings and behavior made a lot more sense to me. I am not perfect and neither was my Dad. I know for a fact that he was more loving and compassionate to me than his father was to him. What more can you ask of a person to give more than he received? I am proud to be my father’s son. We were fortunate to share life together, as fathers, for nearly ten years before his death in 1993.

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