Reading the Bible to find your SSS…

Happy Easter Everyone! It has been a difficult Lenten Season for me as I felt surrounded by death, in reality and spiritually, even though there were joyous moments too! Today the Lord has risen and I feel inspired to start a new life as completely as possible as my Splendid Spiritual Self, TROML-style! I will be reading the Bible cover-to-cover, alternating the Old and New testaments, in the next year and sharing, as inspired, from a TROML perspective. Please join me as I will be posting on the Splendid Spiritual Self on a daily basis and sharing on social media on Sundays and Wednesdays. If you are a believer of a different faith or practice, I invite you to do the same and I will post your sharing as a guest contributor too! While I am a Christian, part of my personal faith is that only with all religions and beliefs and nonbeliefs honoring and respecting each other can we work together in love to overcome the hate and evil in our world that is so clearly evident. God Bless Everyone and I hope you will be inspired from within to join me in this endeavor! (Facebook Post, Andy Reistetter, Easter Sunday, 4/16/17 with a link to Day 1: OT Genesis C1-6; We are not God.)

Please join me as I read the Bible cover-to-cover in the next year. we will be alternating between the Old and New Testaments. I will share insights from my life from TROML and Splendid Spiritual Self perspectives. Have a TROML Day today! (Facebook Post, Andy Reistetter, Wednesday, 4-19-17 with a link to Day 4: NT Matthew C3-5; God’s Loving Perspective trumps Temptation in my Life!)

It’s been an interesting first week reading the Bible on a daily basis and digesting the experiences in my life in a new way, the TROML Way! Alternating Genesis (Old Testament) and Matthew’s Gospel (New Testament) has been an interesting combination revealing more understanding, inspiration, & hope for my future. Come join me if you like and share your life experiences. Please do so if you are another faith as TROML is for all faiths in hopes that we emerge as our Splendid Spiritual Self and change ourselves and our world into its divine destiny of peace, joy & freedom- The Ultimate Love! Day 8 below, all 8 days in this link: Have a TROML Day today! (Facebook Post, Andy Reistetter, Sunday, 4-23-17).

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