Do not Panic… Get TROML!


Do not panic…

We see that command written on the back of the door in our hotel room- “do not panic” in the event of an emergency.

Is there an emergency in your life?

What do you fear in life?

Afraid of getting sick or dying or see that happen to a loved one?

Not sure what the future will bring to your personal life or your professional life at work?

Are you simply feeling lonely or afraid of trying something new and failing?

What do you do when you detect “fire” or “smoke” in your life?

At some point in our life we realize we will not live forever or even that many more years.

While we may not panic at that thought, we may simply go through life avoiding the inevitable and subconsciously choose not to deal with it.

It could be that a life with no panic or sense of urgency is a life not fully realized.

Wherever you are on your spectrum of life now is a good time to get a coach.

A coach is your thinking partner who helps you become aware of your situation and your options.

“If you must leave the room you are in, feel the door to see if it is hot.”

“If it is not hot, open the door slightly to see if you can make it to the nearest evacuation stairwell.”

Common sense yes but sometimes life’s involvements are not common so the sense of experience is not there.

That is what a coach can bring to the opportunity in your life.

Yes friends can help, but a “paid friend,” whose job it is to listen closely, think along with you and help you extract your destiny from within will help.

The benefits delivered by a life coach may be “priceless” to you.

Coaching is a good economical decision.

Remember that floor schematic on the back of the door with a red dot for your location?

What’s the schematic of your life?  

Coaching can help you discover the diagram of your life- where you are and where you want to be.

Most importantly, your coach is your ally to help you get to where you want to be.

Start a TROML Journal today.

Take a “TROML Timeout” and simply write down all the thoughts and feelings that come to your mind in the next 10 minutes.

And if you are in a panic remember that we are all in a panic at some point in our life.

You are no different than any other human being- we all have our challenges.

The difference between us is how we react to those challenges.

Taking a “TROML Timeout” is all about realizing that patience can be an incredibly strong positive power in your life.

Not as any sort of forced discipline, but the power of freedom to fully live our lives.

In this moment right now you are perfect and complete, not wanting anything.

Take a moment to be in that moment right now.

With a new understanding of patience, there is really is no need for panic in your life.

There’s also no need to do the same old things and get the same old results.

This is your life to live.

Have a TROML Day Today!

Anonymous Andy

Your Personal Revivalist







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