I am hungry…

I am hungry…

When was the last time you felt hungry?

Not hungry for a job, some sort of achievement or “hungry” for dessert after eating a meal.

I mean really hungry, so much that you wake up because you are hungry?

Like our wealthy midsections, material possessions and bank accounts we are an exceedingly consumptive society.

We acquire, consume and wonder why we aren’t happy.

Have we forgotten the simple joys of life- the smile of a friend or stranger, a simple thought that comes to our mind, and yes the real feeling of hunger?

Do we rejoice in kind words, a friendly gesture and satiating that hunger of ours?

Try eating with no distractions- no audible music, no visual television and no tense thoughts within our minds, hearts and bodies.

Try tasting each bite and savoring each sip.

Thoroughly chew our food and savor the taste while taking a few breaths.

Maybe glancing up and taking in the view outside our window or inside the room.

Then after a few breaths we swallow our food and drink.

A little different than eating quickly so we can get the next word out?

Yes breathe a few breaths with food or drink in our mouths.

How about 5 or 10 minutes of TROML journaling after our meal to capture a few new thoughts, ideas or perspectives?

Dynamic self-realization is the TROML process as Yoda would say…

And what would become of our life if we then did the same for breathing?

What is we could thoroughly digest all our life experiences?

What if we could extract the simple joys and inspiring moments of our lives and simply be those things?

Yes hunger can be troubling.

So too can the introspection of our thoughts, words and actions especially over the course of a lifetime.

But as with hunger, when satisfied in a meaningful way, doing TROML will bring you to a whole new level of awareness and personal power to live your life, a life unique to your being.

Become yourself from the inside-out versus the never ending rat race of trying to be that person of the world that does not and cannot exist.

Sometimes it is the simplest things that trigger the biggest changes in us.

Simply enjoy that next bite of food and sip of drink…

Start a TROML journal and begin to enjoy your self, your life, your being here in this world.

Have a TROML Day Today!

Anonymous Andy

Your Personal Revivalist

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