Fly through a gap into a New Year with TROML!

Fly through that gap into the New Year!

Our yoga classes are a bit more relaxed the week between Christmas and New Year.

It’s a perfect opportunity for more stretching, more extension and more time for reflection.

I always like to find a place for my mat in the front of the class a few steps from a wall of windows.

Looking out into the external greenery somehow makes my internal body warmer and more open to our yoga routines.

Today, the last class of the year the view beyond the window mesmerized me into a deep reflection of the year past and the year forward.

I noticed the changing of a few leaves on a couple young saplings in front of the forest.

One can see the seasons change though in a much more subdued manner than in Upstate New York.

The colorful leaves made me think of the gentle grey in my own head of brown hair.

I am not getting any younger and another year has passed by so quickly.

The comingled forest in front of me somehow summarizes my life.

Like a grand finale of fireworks that builds high into the sky, there were short palmettos in front that gave way to arching, stretching, growing maple and live oak trees which bowed to the mature long needled pine trees and mature oaks.

People, places, and opportunities have come into my life over the years to make me what I am today- not perfect but perfectly planted and growing in my life.

I see the exposed trunks of the long thin palm trees that reach to the sky and think of my parents and siblings, my education and healthy perspective on life that have carried me these many years.

The wider trunks are of oak trees. Some of them are not so straight, even crooked and leaning to one side. Like my journey in life, despite some detours somehow they continue to reach for the sky.

I see that the commonness of the trunks is not their shape but their strength.

Al strong yet some trunks waver a bit in the wind as I have done in the storms of my life.

While this forest is in front of me those years of my life are behind me now, including this past one.

I notice a gap in the trees towards the brightening sky.

A rainy morning has now passed and the day has somewhat lightened.

I wonder what it would be like to shoot through that gap and go higher and farther in the journey of my life.

Like an airplane taking off I would quickly see the clear blue skies and the vast openness of the clear blue ocean not far away.

Even if the final days of the year are overcast and cloudy one can rise above it all into the bright sunshine.

For we know the light is always shining either on this side of our world or the other.

Like Yogi’s central theme of the great Sufi poet who wrote Two Suns Rising:


“What a day today.

There are two suns rising!

What a day, not like any other day.


The Light is shining in your heart,

The wheel of life has stopped.

Oh, you who can see into your own heart,

What a day, this is your day.”


Let’s be that other sun in this world and become so bright that we light the way for others that can see only darkness.

Let’s shoot through that hole and soar to new heights in our lives that only living our dreams will take us to.

All the best to you, your family and friends in the New Year!

You deserve to be fulfilled in life, absolutely, positively without a doubt.

Have a TROML Day Today!

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