2019 ECSJ: Experiencing the Bible at the Halsey Valley Victory House near Spencer, NY!

The Chenango & Susquehanna Rivers come together in downtown Binghamton, New York… I like to think of the Triple Cities area as the ‘Valleys of Spiritual Growth to attain Spiritual Freedom’ going back to my formative childhood days to now being back here for the Summer of 2019… So I took a drive west following the Susquehanna Valley to the Halsey Valley Victory House near Spencer, NY… Heard about it as through a friend of my cousin Mike after services last Sunday.

Drove out for a Wednesday evening Bible Study hosted by Amy & Paul… Spiritual experience learning more about Jesus, The Holy Spirit & God through this beautiful couple and Browny & Dan… in fact I am now convinced that The Holy Spirit is always present especially in these ‘Valleys of Spiritual Growth’… all you have to do is seek to connect the dots… this area is known for having dots, places along the way of the Underground Railroad where African-American slaves followed a secret network to freedom in the North… maybe some day soon it will be known as the place to come where anyone can journey within and connect the dots of their own life to become fully free as their ‘Splendid Spiritual Self’ It really is an idyllic place with so much beauty, resources, diversity and yes challenges which have been, are, and will become solutions both internally and externally… just like me and I imagine you too! All glory to God, Jesus, & The Holy Spirit! TROML Baby (an exclamation of JOY)!!! www.SplendidSpiritualSelf.com (Andy Reistetter; 6/29/19; Facebook Post with 30 Pics)

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