Andy Stanley’s Buckhead Church: Love, My Heart May be Broken but I am Chosen!

Rock ‘n Rolling Worship with Andy Stanley last Sunday at Buckhead Church in Atlanta! The last Sunday in a 6-part series entitled: “Love, Dates, & Heartbreaks!” Yes, quite apropos as I have known all three in pursuit of that special someone to celebrate the rest of our lives together! Although I only witnessed the last of six sermons I feel like it was a summary and quite comprehensive of all six!

Andy Stanley was masterful, in line with The Master as he wove us through in a heartfelt and biblical way the essence of our Christian life design! God does have a design for Christian relationships! Starting with “A Broken Heart doesn’t mean You’re Broken” brought some immediate relief!

“There is a Purpose for You Even When Your Dreams Can’t Come True.” Onward with TROML 2020!

“No One Envisions their Future Alone!” NEVER!!!

“I am not cursed… I am blessed! I am not broken… I am chosen!”

TROML Baby (an exclamation of JOY & GRATITUDE)!!!

“I can only receive what is given from heaven! Yet not my will, but Yours be done!”

“Jesus did not offer us an equation.” Tough for an educated & trained engineer to accept but I do!

“Follow Jesus because of Who He Is and What He has Already Done!!!”

Then Andy Stanley went into a detailed description of the life of King David! Child Prodigy as the one who slain Goliath once he realized that the Philistines were taunting their God not their army David was inspired to take the matter into his own hands and slingshot! Anointed as the next king but King Saul wanted his son Jonathon to be king. David future goes black, goes hopeless!

What did David do when his heart was broken? He panicked like the rest of us and lied and took Goliath’s Sword which cost Hemlich and all the priests their lives at the revenge of King Saul. And David’s lie was public, everyone knew about it!

David becomes king only to have his son overthrow him. His future goes dark once again as he is a fugitive and on the run. He sees the Ark of the Covenant and people loyal to him want him to take it along with him. But this time he sees the light, refuses and submits 100% to the Will of God and surrenders his own will! “He did not anchor his faith to the fulfillment of his dreams!”

They remained faithful because of what already happened—the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

“Lean In, Look Up, and Reach Out!”


PRAY: “I offer You my dreams and plans. Do to me whatever seems good to You. I acknowledge Your right to rule. Your Will be done in me!”


Love, Life, & a Healed Heart! TROML Baby (an exclamation of JOY & GRATITUDE)!!!

It was the BEST of times worshiping with my Olympian Buddy Dennis in Atlanta!

If you watch one Andy Stanley Sermon; watch this one and “Be Saved” from a broken heart for the rest of your life!

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(Andy Reistetter; Facebook Post with 30 Pics; 9-8-19)

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