Low Tide Blues… Let’s Get Started with TROML Today!

Low Tide Blues… Let’s Get Started!

Low tide is a good time for beach exercise.

There is plenty of packed sand and room for jogging, bicycling or walking with friends.

Sometimes when the tide is out and the beach is desolate I feel the same way.

There are those times in life when friends and family seem distant, the excitement of life seems far away and it’s just me and my thoughts.

We miss the high tides of our life especially the stormy high-energy filled days.       

There’s nothing like big waves crashing at our feet to get our adrenaline going.

It’s so easy to avoid the low tide times in our lives by replaying and reliving old habits to placate ourselves with alcohol, food or whatever is our personal comfort go-to option.

Rationally that makes sense because at the moment our life seems empty, there is not a friend in sight and we need to take care of ourselves the best we can.

Though if we put ourselves in a place of calmness and really think about it we realize those trying times are really the best times to learn about ourselves and grow a bit more into the person we want to become.

What’s the purpose of my life is a good question to ask when you aren’t really sure.

Why not take a piece of paper (or TROML Journal) and simply do a “mind data dump” and brainstorm your thoughts and feelings at low tide moments?

Is happiness the purpose of my life?

Is seeking pleasure different from seeking happiness?

What would my life look like if I was completely fulfilled?

If I have a conversation with myself and write down these thoughts and then review them at a later time will I be able to learn anything useful from or about myself?

Perhaps this low tide period of your life has extended longer than in the past.

We would notice is the tide didn’t come in within six hours.

What have you noticed about yourself these past few weeks?

I believe no matter what the situation, whom the person is that the best answers come from within, from the inside-out.

Our world will tell you otherwise.

Some think you must purchase a certain item or service to be happy.

There are countless people and companies selling you what they think you want or need.

But there is only one person that really matters and that person is you.

I can help you begin that dialogue with yourself.

Is it getting back onto the road to happiness and fulfillment or simply hitting the accelerator pedal to get you down the road faster?

I can help you to learn to coach yourself.

In reality in life the low tides are as beautiful, as meaningful and as fulfilling as the high tides and every moment in between.

There are tremendous sources of energy, inspiration and personal power for you to connect to in our world today.

I am open and enjoy coaching people from all around the world via the internet.

Enjoy today, the absolute best day of your life, positively, absolutely without a doubt.

Have a TROML Day Today!

Anonymous Andy

Your Personal Revivalist

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