Celebrating 18 Years of TROML and Splendid Spiritual Self!!!

September 3rd, 2018 marks 18 years of TROML Journaling all my life’s thoughts, feelings, & experiences and, most importantly, learning from them through the unique & powerful TROML Process! A ‘Splendid Spiritual Self’ and a lifestyle of peace, joy, & freedom has emerged for me over the years. There are no shortcuts in life, though if you CUT into yourself (in a healthy manner) and learn to accept, love, and be compassionate to your True Self, it is a SHORT road home to peace, joy, & freedom (and a home to enjoy for all eternity). Far from perrfect, YES, you are RIGHT… perfectionism, control, all-or-nothing thinking, and judgmentalism have no home in me anymore. Everyone, certainly everyone I have met around the world, has their own TROML Program & their own unique ‘Splendid Spiritual Self’ has emerged too… we are all ‘human-beings-in-progress! THANK YOU all for sharing yourself with me on a spiritual level. ‘Spiritual Love,’ that’s the foundation for our successes and the answer to all our problems, individually and collectively! TROML Baby Forever!

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My moment of truth came in the emergency room of a hospital in my hometown of Binghamton, NY. There to visit my mother who was deathly ill in the hospital (who survived a 17-night hospital stay and lived another year, thank God) I broke out in a body rash. The emergency room doctor, without really examining me (did look at my body but did not relate or connect with ME) quickly wrote out a prescription and handed it to me. I am not a drug-taking person and just knew there had to be a better way to live so I started my TROML Journal that very night…


Yeah, right now, this moment is the youngest I will ever be so why not do something meaningful for ourselves, family, friends, and future generations? TROML Forever Baby!

My very first TROML Journal and now 17 years later I am journaling in No. 156! Personal Growth, Entertainment, & Destiny! TROML Baby!

I am a Christian and accept Jesus Christ as my Savior and Personal Savior. I believe in God and The Holy Spirit too. I respect all other religions, non-religions, and spiritualities. In fact, I believe we are destined to evolve into Spiritual Beings utilizing all the good from all the various religions and spiritualities of the past. Finding your Splendid Spiritual Self and Spiritual Love is the answer to the question ‘How do we respect all other human beings and live in peace, joy, and freedom together in our earthly home?’ Join me! TROML Baby!

What are you doing with the ‘dash’ of your life? Mine is more like an ’em dash’ connecting my worldly life with my eternal life. There is no death date for the ‘Splendid Spiritual Self’ evolved through the TROML Process. Become your Splendid Spiritual Self and there is no transition from life here to eternity there! TROML Baby Forever!







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