The Next Hour is the Absolute BEST Time of My Life!!!

The next hour is the absolute BEST time of my life, absolutely, positively, without a doubt!!!

Actually, “the next XX hours is the absolute BEST time of my life, absolutely, positively without a doubt. The ‘XX’ is the remaining waking hours of the day. So if it is Noon and I plan to stay up until 11 pm then “the next 11 hours is the absolute BEST time of my life, absolutely, positively, without a doubt!!!”

This mantra, which came early in my TROML Process (which dates back to September 2000, seventeen years ago), brings me back to living in the moment free of fears, resentments, untruths, and my self/pride/’Silly Ego.’

It is a plan to live THIS day fully and only this day, not yesterday, or tomorrow.

‘One Day at a Time.’ TROML Baby! One day, one hour, one minute, one second if needed to be ‘a spiritual being living a human life,’ not a human being living a spiritual life.’ There is a big difference!

I have forgotten to live in the present moment recently and doing so has impacted my quality of life.

The Splendid Spiritual Self is not as splendid when one is living in yesterday’s memories or tomorrow’s fears.

My Splendid Spiritual Self is the center of my being and directs my mind, emotions, speech, and body. ‘Directs’ is a unique mixture of control, isolating, and being the master of versus being a slave to one’s mind, emotions, speech, and body. We can choose, in a non-reactive manner, what we say and what we do with our body. The mind and emotions are a little trickier as they are spontaneous, independent and a source all to themselves. But they do not rule my Splendid Spiritual Self. There are ‘one-way personal/prayerful/protective inner boundaries’ amongst the mind, emotions, speech, and body and the one and only way is from the Splendid Spiritual Self outward to each of these natural entities of the body self. They don’t interact with each other directly but only through the Splendid Spiritual Self.

Complicated diagram—YES! Difficult implementation and way of life—NO!

TROML is an inward journey to one’s unique Splendid Spiritual Self which quickly connects with one’s Soul or Spirit thereby releasing the True Self to live a life of peace, joy, unity, and freedom.

TROML and living in the moment, clear and present has manifested itself in what the world would both good and ‘bad’ days!

The ‘bad’ first.


The day of my mother’s funeral shortly after embarking down the TROML Path. Arguably the worse day of anyone’s life. Surely the saddest but does not have to be the worst. I remember being present, clear and open-minded. Feeling the feeling of being sad yet somehow moving with it through the day. There we were, me and my siblings, surrounding Mom’s casket as the priest was praying over her. I became aware of the coolness of the polished wood and felt this energy come to me through both hands and arms and fill my body, mind, and soul while hearing the sensation that my Mom would never leave me. That we would always be dear and close and this special power, special energy of hers would always be with me. How could that not be one of the BEST days of my life?

The second ‘bad’ day experience which was actually a week long serious illness confirmed that my Splendid Spiritual Self model, which is revolutionary in scope and application, was indeed right for me. The individual one-way ‘SSS to Body to Pain & Pleasure’ assumes pain is the same as pleasure to my Splendid Spiritual Self. That spiritual awakening had come in the months before my illness. I never felt pain like that before in my entire life yet I retreated into my Splendid Spiritual Self and indeed the pain was the same as pleasure, only a physical feeling of my body, separate from the Splendid Spiritual Self, where I was during the ordeal. No doubt pain is real and has to be dealt with in a medical sense when needed. But the fear of pain and how it impacts me, my Soul and my Spirit is my choice. Being physically sick is unfortunate but only a small percentage of our overall combined physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. How could that week not be one of the BEST of my life?

And for one of the BEST days of my life competing in a local version of ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ I am not a dancer and I am not a star so I was definitely out of my element. But I worked hard, had a great professional partner and dance instructor and somehow persevered through twenty-five or so lessons to performance night. I was present, clear, open-minded, and open-hearted to the opportunity and the experience. And the dance came off well with no major missteps. Being as close as possible in my Splendid Spiritual Self, any negative thoughts, fearful emotions, and bodily indecision were negligible. How could that day not be one of the BEST days of my life?


The next ten waking hours is the absolute BEST time of my life, absolutely, positively, without a doubt!

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