A New Year of Transparency for Me…

Happy New Year to All!

This year will be a New Year of Transparency for Me…

What does that mean?

_Transparency 1Something transparent, especially a picture, design, or the like on glass or some translucent substance, is made visible by light shining through from behind.

For me being transparent means being completely honest with myself and having nothing between God and myself. It means complete acceptance, love and compassion for myself so that the light of love radiates from within me. My relationship with others will be first and foremost inspirational in nature. We will celebrate our peace, joy and freedom together. The world will become transparent too. There will only be love within me for the rest of my life.

I will share my experience, strength and hope to keep myself revived and to assists others in reviving themselves through TROML and whatever other programs and initiatives will benefit them. TROML is a process, not a program and acts as an umbrella over everything else in one’s personal life protecting, nurturing and ultimately releasing one’s True Self.

_Transparency 2Transparency does not mean I share everything with everyone at all times. Growing up exposed to the disease of alcoholism I chose to learn certain traits, skills and abilities in order to survive as a child. I am no longer a child and have realized some of those behaviors do not serve me well as an adult. I have, to the best of my ability at this time, transformed those survival attitudes and actions which served me well as a child to positive, powerful and productive abilities that will enhance my life for the rest of my life. I have personal boundaries that serve me and others well.

I am an inspiration seeker in life. I strive for a thought-life of pure inspiration that translates into words and actions that will be loving, generous and inspirational to me and others. I seek to know God’s will for my life and to tap into His Power to do His Will.

_Transparency 3Transparency to me means my motives and desires are pure, except when they are not. I am not perfect, have never been perfect not will I ever be perfect but I can be imperfectly perfect and live a meaningful life of consequence. My ego, my selfishness and self-centeredness and its inherent dishonesty, denial, and rationalization is at the heart of my imperfections. I can accept that and still love my complete self just like God still loves all of me and all of you, good and bad. I will be fearless and not restrained by fear or motivated by any resentments in life.

I will not react to life. I will pray and meditate, let God come from within me, acting on life from the inside out.

I will be my Authentic Self in the truest sense of living a transparent life.

We are all love in life, let’s release the love from within ourselves.

Peace, joy and freedom, the purest expression of love from above, with us and every one of us human beings.

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Anonymous Andy

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