Come Walk on the Beach with Me…

There is something about the beach that instantly puts us in a good mood.
Maybe it’s the vast open areas of water where you can’t see anything else all the way to the horizon. And then you are far away from your place, your life.
Maybe it’s the brilliance of the stars at night or a full moon rising in the gentle darkness of an early evening.
Or maybe it is the rhythmic motion and sound of the surf coming in and out.
I am being silly, there are no questions from the beach, we bring our own. There are three and a million more reasons the beach is our place of tranquility. A place to go to regain perspective and renew one’s inner being.
Please look at the picture again. The picture was taken at the very moment the sun rose at the horizon to begin another day. It did the same thing today and will likely do it again tomorrow. A brand new day each and every day, the sun rises into our world. It’s all about our personal perspective… do you believe that if you change yourself that you will change not only your world but the world?
I believe it.
Why not let this be the day you decide to embark on creating your own TROML program?
You have one already by the way, why not make it the best possible? It is as simple as taking that walk on the beach and putting yourself in a place where you can think and listen to yourself through the TROML journaling process.
I am here to help you discover yourself. Yours is a true self always pointing to the true north of our life’s journey where destiny awaits us.
The beach, within reach… Dreams within reach down at the beach…

Have a TROML Day Today!

Anonymous Andy

Your Personal Revivalist

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